What’s HOT this Christmas?

Make sure you’re in tune with these five dominant trends for the coming festive season. After a difficult 2020, creating a joyful and uplifting space that stimulates warmth, hope and togetherness, with simple comforts and heartwarming family traditions, is what we all need this year. And we’re here to help with a look at five of the most prominent trends for the 2021/22 holiday season.

Every holiday has it’s own trends and new ideas and here we are, another Christmas season is here and we can’t wait to share what’s trending.

So. Much. Silver.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home, this is one of the most appropriate options to decorate this Christmas. It helps to create a sophisticated environment and brings elegance to your space. The combination of white and silver will provide a feeling of spaciousness, purity and better lighting.

White and silver Christmas decoration

Never enough red and gold.

Red and gold Christmas decoration


One of the all-time favorites to decorate at Christmas, we have red and gold that enliven the Christmas spirit in any area. This mixture never fails to harmonize the home in a fantastic way and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

While it is true, the colour gold is glistening and happy, while the colour red is vibrant, warm, welcoming and expresses a passion for the festivities. So, if you prefer to opt for a save alternative, you should choose these two colours for your 2021/22 Christmas decorations.

sparkling Luxe city

Champagne & rose gold Christmas decoration

Looking to impress your guest with something different from usual? We’ve got you covered! You can use rose gold with champagne which consists of a modern, bright and striking color that visually impresses anyone. The delicacy of these two colors provides an air of sophistication and romance in the home, it’s an ideal mix for people looking to show the unconditional nature of this holiday season.

Rustic, but refined.

Christmas time is a season of comfort and joy – and the warm, homey elements of rustic design are perfect for spreading holiday cheer. There’s no better way to make your home more warm and cozy for the holiday season than with rustic decorative accents.

With trends in home decor being inclusive of soft gray tones, white and greige, it makes sense that neutral color schemes would have a place in Christmas decor. Popular looks are soft glam tones or a rustic woodland look, as seen. 

Rustic christmas decoration

This blue Christmas

Blue christmas decoration

If you truly love Christmas, you wouldn’t shy away from opting for an exaggerated and unique looking Christmas tree, which would reflect your love for this festival. The trend featured here breaks the norm, but in a friendly way by going for a turquoise blue Christmas tree decked with giant snowflakes. It’s time to be bold and daring on almost everything, create your own winter fairy-tale Christmas now.

Let the holiday season begin by treating yourself to something special.

Our mission is to help you get Christmas ready, amp up the decors and fill your home with festivities vibes. Pollyanna provides a wide selection of Christmas decorations, from hyper realistic Christmas trees to unlimited range of ornaments for you to choose from.