Lighted Snowman w/ Hat

Lighted Snowman w/ Hat


Spread holiday cheer with the Lighted Snowman with Hat, a charming and festive figure that adds warmth and joy to your holiday decor. Dressed in a classic top hat and scarf, this snowman radiates timeless charm and nostalgia.

The soft glow LED lights illuminate the snowman’s features, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance in your space. The warm light adds a touch of magic to your holiday decorations, making the Lighted Snowman a beloved and heartwarming figure.

  • Cheerful and Festive Design: The Lighted Snowman with Hat brings joy and festivity to your holiday decor with its cheerful design. Adorned in a classic top hat and scarf, this snowman radiates warmth and holiday spirit, making it a delightful addition to your home.
  • Soft Glow LED Lights: The snowman features soft glow LED lights that illuminate its charming features. The warm and inviting light adds a cozy ambiance to your space, creating a welcoming atmosphere during the holiday season.


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