Artificial Plant – Areca Palm – 1.5m

Artificial Plant – Areca Palm – 1.5m


Introducing the Artificial Areca Palm, your own slice of paradise. Known as Dypsis lutescens or the Butterfly Palm, this faux tropical plant embodies the essence of its lush, natural counterpart without any of the upkeep. Native to Madagascar, the real Areca Palm is revered for its feathery, arching fronds and vibrant green foliage—qualities meticulously replicated in our artificial version.

Crafted with exceptional detail, the Artificial Areca Palm adds a burst of tropical charm to any space. Its graceful fronds fan out beautifully, creating a soft, inviting silhouette that enhances any room, from the boardroom to the bedroom. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of green to a dim corner or want to add some naturalistic flair to your decor, this artificial palm is the perfect choice.

Durable and evergreen, our Artificial Areca Palm offers a hassle-free way to incorporate greenery into your environment. It’s ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of indoor plants but prefer a low-maintenance solution. Place this stunning artificial palm in any area to instantly uplift and transform your space into a tranquil retreat.

Bring home the Artificial Areca Palm today and infuse your surroundings with year-round tropical beauty—no watering required!

Pot Size: Width – 16 cm Height – 15 cm

Plant Height – 1.5m

The Faux Areca Palm Tree comes in a sleek, non-removable plastic black pot, making it ready to display right out of the box. Bring the allure of greenery into your home or office with this effortlessly elegant artificial plant. Ideal for adding a touch of freshness to any environment, minus the hassle of upkeep.You have the choice to plant it in your preferred planter, or alternatively, you can shop for our planters here. If you desire additional customization or potting services, please reach out to us at 67424212 or email us at

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